Getting Started / What is a Weight Loss Camp?

A Weight Loss Camp can be called by many different names. They have been called ‘Fat Camps,’ ‘Adventure Camps,’ ‘Fit Camps,’ ‘Fitness Retreats,’ ‘Wellness Retreats,’ ‘Diet Camps’ and sadly even some misleading titles like ‘Fat Farms.’

Whatever you decide to call them, weight loss camps are places where children or sometimes adults, can go for a certain period of time, usually anywhere from a day to several months and stay overnight with other guests with similar goals and challenges. A fee is paid to stay at such a place and healthy meals and activities are provided. Dietary guidance is given and exercise is designed to be fun. Sports are included to suit a variety of likes and dislikes. Things like swimming, racing, canoeing, and team sports are included. Traditional types of exercising may also be included along with stress management techniques.

Achievements of weight loss may be recognized and campers are given support and guidance to help them on the road to a healthier lifestyle. At the end of their stay, campers typically have a number of fantastic memories and experiences to bring with them along with healthy habits they have learned. They have renewed self-esteem because of their accomplishments along the way.

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