Requirements for Weight Loss Camp

Most weight loss camps have only a few, reasonable requirements. It’s rare for a camp to stipulate a certain amount of pounds overweight that your child must be to attend, unless it is for example a camp specializing only in the morbidly obese. Most camps will take children varying from just a few pounds overweight, to a hundred or more pounds over their ideal weight. This is possible because camp counselors have extensive training in dealing with the different increments and know what each child is able to handle in the way of activity.

Other requirements may include things like how many changes of clothing you must bring for your child and what types of clothing they are allowed to wear during their stay.

With the common presence of cell phones, many camps have rules stating if, when, and how these can be used and what other items children may or may not bring to camp and/or use during their stay. Most of these are common sense items and are simply for the well-being of everyone in the camp.

Now you may be wondering: What are the benefits of a weight loss camp for my child?