Different Types of Weight Loss Camps

There are many different types of weight loss camps ranging from no overnight stay required to an extended stay. The shorter stay camps are sometimes called day camps where children can go during the day and receive instruction and go home for the night, similar to school or daycare.

There are also some camps where guests stay a few days or a week. Such a short stay might be appropriate for a child who simply needs a little nudge in the right direction and not a major lifestyle change.

For children who have a significant amount of weight to lose, or who have deeper emotional issues to deal with, parents may choose a longer stay facility. These can range from a few weeks, a few months or even an extended stay in a weight loss boarding school.

Many are amazed at the different specialties available in camps these days. There are camps that specialize in fields like diabetes, disabled children or those with learning disabilities. Many camps will even customize a program for you including options like vegetarian lifestyle, kosher or other special diets. It seems there are more options available than ever before. Now that you know what kinds of camps are available, you may be wondering about The Costs of Fat Camps.